Rueters Analysis


1. tear gas gun, officers, people running, grass, trees, lady in red dress getting sprayed
2. officers spraying people
3. lots of grass and leaves and a few trees
4. I see half a long tall building in the background
5. I don’t see any lakes, river ect
6. people are getting sprayed by tear gas and running away
7. a few people have been cut out of the photo
8. it looks warmish because some people have dresses on and others have jackets and scarfs and people are scared
9. they get affected by the tear gas because that’s why there crying
10. why they were getting sprayed and why there is only one lady getting sprayed


Intensify It


Shinedown – Amaryllis

“I don’t want to tell you who I am,” she whispers just as I’m thinking how much I want her to keep talking.
I want her to talk to me until I know enough to make her the main character of a novel I’d never even thought of before her.
“You don’t have to,” I say, “but I would love to discover you.”
“Create me, then.”
She takes my hand and wraps it around her waist, and as I hold her I think that maybe this girl shouldn’t be out there. I shouldn’t think of her as a character, artistic as that might be. She doesn’t need to belong to the world. She doesn’t even have to belong to me. Some paintings aren’t meant to be exposed, they are only meant to express.
I want to capture her essence and remember it forever, but then I remember that she is in my…

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